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myPerspectives Florida Grades 6-12

Getting Started (23 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Access for All (01:17)
Welcome to MyPerspectives Florida
Program Overview (08:00)
Flexible Instructional Model (09:00)
Integrated Literacy Instruction (06:00)
Writing for the Purpose of Learning (05:30)
Digital Walkthrough Brochure
Digital Tour (08:00)
Explore Peer-Group Learning (05:00)
Novel Choices (03:05)
Novels Brochure
Assessment Overview (02:18)
Assessment Functionality and Data (04:49)
Using ExamView
Digital Writing Tools (15:48)
How-to Use Savvas Realize and Revision Assistant
How-To Use the Student Mobile App
Student Experience (07:00)
Unit Theme Board  COMING SOON 
Unit Evidence Log  COMING SOON 
Forming Peer Groups
Peer Group Learning Checklist

Platform Training (1 item)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Savvas Realize™, Google Classroom™, and Realize Reader Platform Training

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