Virtual Program Activation (3 items)

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Explore myPerspectives Asynchronous Course (02:00)  UPDATED 
Accelerate Student Learning with myPerspectives (Grades 6-8) Asynchronous Course
Virtual Training: Asynchronous Course Quick Reference Guide

Getting Started (6 items)

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Program Overview (13:00)
Student-Centered Unit Structure (08:00)
Building Literacy (08:00)
Writing for the Purpose of Learning (08:30)
Digital Tour (12:00)
Distance Learning Tips for Parents/Guardians

Using Savvas Realize (14 items)

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Savvas Realize™, Google Classroom™, and Realize Reader Platform Training
Student Realize Guide
At-Home Platform Support
Digital Path: Get Started with Savvas Realize
Digital Path: TE, SE, and Resources
Digital Path: myPerspectives Plus
Digital Path: Assessments
Digital Path: Teaching with Trade Books/Novels
Digital Path: Lesson Planning
Digital Path: Playlists
Digital Path: Assigning and Reviewing a Reading Assignment in the Interactive Student Edition
Digital Path: Accessing Multimedia on Savvas Realize
Bounce Pages App
Listenwise: Listening that Sparks Learning

Ready for Instruction (3 items)

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Small-Group Learning Strategies (11:00)
Forming Small Groups
Small-Group Learning Checklist

Assessments and Reporting (1 item)

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Assessments (07:30)

Additional Resources (8 items)

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Unit at a Glance
Unit Concept Board
Unit Evidence Log
Curriculum Maps (Grades 6-7-8)
Curriculum Maps (Grades 9-10-11-12)
Editing Documents and Customizing Worksheets
Trade Books/Novels List
SafeAssign by Blackboard

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