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Recorded Webinars (1 item)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
First Things First: Getting Started with Savvas Realize Virtual Course (1:00:00)

Getting Started (19 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
EasyBridge Basic: Teacher Self-Registration Guide
Getting Started with Teacher Self-Registration (EasyBridge Basic users) (03:30)
Getting Started with Realize - Log in and New User Setup (03:00)
Getting Started with Realize - Home Page Navigation (02:00)
Getting Started with Realize - Navigate Content (04:15)
Getting Started with Realize - Assign Content (03:30)  UPDATED 
Realize Quick Reference Guide for Teachers
Create and Manage Classes (06:30)
Create and Manage Groups (06:00)  UPDATED 
Managing Assignments (04:15)
Discussion Prompts: Create, Edit, or Remove (08:30)
Assign and Manage Discussion Prompts (06:28)
Playlist Sharing (01:55)
My Library
Realize Early Learning Theme (09:27)
Build A Test Using Test Banks (09:15)
Build a Test Writing Your Own Questions (07:05)
How Teachers Remove Programs
Mosaic by ACT Digital Library

Realize Reader (3 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Realize Reader: Access for Teachers and Students
Realize Reader: Navigation and Features
Realize Reader: Assignments (07:13)

Assessments and Reporting (9 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Review and Score Assignments (06:19)
PDF Assignments: Reviewing and Providing Feedback using the Interactive PDF Tools
Grading Single and Multi-Activity Assignments
Savvas Realize: Class and Student Data Overview (05:00)
Savvas Realize: Class and Student Data - Class Results by Assignment (08:00)
Savvas Realize: Class and Student Data - Class Mastery by Standard (06:30)
Savvas Realize: Class and Student Data - Exporting Data (02:00)
Which Realize Report Should I Run? Guide
Item Analysis Report (08:00)

Google Integration (16 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Realize and Google Classroom Integration Quick Start
Realize and Google Classroom Integration (05:00)
Realize: The Teacher Experience in Google Classroom (01:23)
Realize: The Student Experience in Google Classroom
Realize Google Classroom Integration FAQ
Google Classroom Linking for Teachers (EasyBridge Auto/Plus)
Step 1 - Teacher Creates Google Classroom and Adds Students (04:03)
Step 2 - Student Joins Google Classroom Class
Step 3 - Teacher Verifies Student
Step 4 - Teacher Import Google Classroom Class into Realize
Step 5 - Teacher Creates Realize Assignments
Step 6 - Student Launches Realize Assignment
Step 7 - Teacher Verifies Student Google Classroom Access
How to Connect to Google Classroom
How to access Realize directly from Google Classroom
Sync Google Classes

Additional Resources (12 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Third-Party Tools for Remote Teaching and Learning
Realize: Announcements and Resources
Realize: Online Help for Teachers
Realize: Online Help for Students
Realize: Online Help Early Learner Students
Realize: System Requirements
Teacher End-of-Year Checklist
Realize: How To Reset Student Passwords
Realize: Best Practices for Users of Shared Devices
Realize: How Teachers Resubscribe to Programs
Realize: Parent Letter (English)
Realize: Parent Letter (Spanish)

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