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Elevate Science California Grades 6-8

Getting Started (9 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
California Elevate Science © 2020 Grades 6–8 Program Overview
Experience It! (02:50)
Key Program Features
Start Here!
Phenomena-Based Learning (01:05)
Quests (01:10)
5E Overview
5E Instructional Design
4 Planning Resources

Progress Monitoring and Reporting (3 items)

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Assessments (01:00)
Differentiation (01:05)
What are the SEPs and CCCs?

Next Steps (10 items)

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Science Kit Options
Finding the "Just Right" Technology Integration for My Classroom
Lab Investigations in the Classroom
In the Classroom with STEM and littleBits (01:10)
littleBits STEM Invention Kits
In the Classroom with Maker Crates
Maker Crates for Your Makerspace
Distance Learning Instructional Model
Technology Tips and Tricks
Add Some Open Source Resources!

Additional Resources (3 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Quests in the Classroom (01:10)
Quest Launch 1-2-3
Phenomena-Based Learning

Platform Training (6 items)

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Digital Path: Assigning Resources
Digital Path: Digital Course Resources
Digital Path: Lessons on Pearson Realize
Digital Path: Student eText
Digital Path: Teacher Reports
Savvas Realize™, Google Classroom™, and Realize Reader Platform Training

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