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Virtual Program Activation (2 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
ON-DEMAND: Explore Words Their Way Classroom Program Activation 90MIN
Virtual Program Activation: FAQ

Getting Started (7 items)

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Imagine the Possibilities (03:00)
Program Overview (06:30)
Stages of Spelling Development (06:30)
How-To Use the Implementation Guide
Suggestions on How to Use Your Teacher Resource Guide
Teaching a Word Sort (08:00)
Data Drives Instruction (06:00)

Using Savvas Realize (7 items)

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Let's Go Digital! (08:00)
Digital Walkthrough for Savvas Realize  UPDATED 
Digital Path: Getting Started with Savvas Realize  UPDATED 
Digital Path: Online Resources  UPDATED 
Digital Path: Assigning an Interactive Sort  UPDATED 
Digital Path: Playlists
Savvas Realize™, Google Classroom™, and Realize Reader Platform Training

Next Steps (1 item)

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Learning Journey

Progress Monitoring and Reporting (12 items)

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Inventory Directions
Spelling-by-Stage Classroom Organization Chart
Qualitative Spelling Checklist
Primary Spelling Inventory
Primary Feature Guide
Primary Composite Chart
Elementary Spelling Inventory
Elementary Feature Guide
Elementary Composite Chart
Upper-Level Spelling Inventory
Upper-Level Feature Guide
Upper-Level Composite Chart

Additional Resources (3 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Scope and Sequence
Developmental Spelling Stages
Reading Levels

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