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Words Their Way: Word Study in Action with English Learners


Words Their Way; Word Study in Action with English Learners is based on the professional book, Words Their Way with English Learners which was developed to help teachers determine what students bring with them from their home language, where instruction in English should begin, and how best to help students master English.

Words Their Way; Word Study in Action with English Learners is successful with English Language learners because it studies the foundation of the English language that brings understanding to why words are pronounced a certain way, what are the different spelling patterns of English words, and the meaning of words.

Word Study is the integrated way to teach phonics, vocabulary, and spelling. WTW EL builds on the same framework of assessment and instruction, this time in light of needs and strengths students with oral as well as written skills in a language other than English. By learning what they bring with them to their study of English, and providing targeted, hand-ons practice with their new language, you can help students master English. The activities in this program explore specific linguistic features and present memorable and meaningful ways to teach your student written English.

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