Pearson Connexus

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Getting Started (11 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Technical Requirements for Pearson Connexus
Pearson Connexus & Chromebooks
New Buzz User Interface (UI) Features and Highlights
Connexus® EMS Foundations Tutorial
Pearson Connexus Support Articles
LiveTutor Schedule EST
LiveTutor Schedule CST
LiveTutor Schedule MST
LiveTutor Schedule PST
Support Contact Phone Number: (844) 597 - 3224
Teacher Start-up Training

Assessments and Reporting (1 item)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
OBL Teacher Feedback Form for Exceptional Students

Best Practices (15 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Update or Change Course Password Guide
Finalizing Grades with 100% Completion (Partner Teachers)
Course Activities: Using Study Island® to Prepare Students for Advanced Placement Exams (04:10)
Progress Monitoring with Study Island Quick Clip (08:42)
WriteToLearn™ FAQ for Teachers
Course Activities: WriteToLearn™ How to Add Students to Classes
Adding Writing Assignments in WriteToLearn™
Course Activities: Next Generation Assessments
Editor: Restrictions for Editing Next Generation (NextGen) Assessment Settings (Teacher-Author)
Next Generation in Earth Science for Teachers
Next Generation Assessment Settings for Earth Science
Teaching Services: Zeros in Connexus EMS
Teaching Services: How to Randomize Assessments for CL Courses
Pearson Online and Blended Learning Honor Code
Avoiding Plagiarism (08:30)

LiveLesson® Resources (31 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
LiveLesson Sessions Upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.2
Accessing Your LiveLesson Room
Managing Access and Entry
Managing the Preferences (08:32)
Managing the Layouts
Preventing Users from Changing Their Name
Student Access to LiveLesson® Sessions
Using the Microphone
Managing the Pods
Sharing Your Screen and Documents in Adobe Connect (06:12)
Uploading and Sharing Files in LiveLesson Sessions
Using the Shared Content Folder
Using a Whiteboard and Annotations in Adobe Connect (04:20)
Understanding Roles and Managing Attendees in Adobe Connect (05:03)
Decoding the Icons in the Attendees Pod
Attendee Roles
Using the Chat Pod and Q&A Pod in Adobe Connect (09:23)
Using the Notes, Files, and Web Links in Adobe Connect (03:51)
Using Your Webcam in Adobe Connect (03:36)
Creating and Managing Polls in Adobe Connect (08:19)
The Host and Presenter Area in Adobe Connect (05:47)
Reviewing Content from Breakout Rooms in Adobe Connect (05:05)
Recording and Editing LiveLesson Sessions
Sharing and Deleting Recordings
Setting Recordings to Private
Setting Recordings to Public
Saving Recordings Offline
Host Access to Recordings
Collecting Meeting Room Data
Host Access to LiveLesson Attendance Reports
Saving LiveLesson Content Offline

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