Pearson Connexus

Pearson Connexus

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Create future-ready learners with digital learning
With the right tools, schools and districts can transform learning into a personalized experience that engages students and improves their outcomes. They can choose the right solutions that offer exactly what they need today and can grow to meet their needs tomorrow.

Start by selecting online courses that give students choices and opportunities. Then decide what, if any, additional services are needed to help transform learning in their school or district.

Online Courses & Curriculum
Pearson Connexus offers over 700 proven, standards-aligned K-12 courses at a variety of course levels including Academic courses (student driven as well as teacher driven), Foundation courses, Honors & AP, and Credit Recovery. Pearson Connexus offers multiple instructional pathways such as Prescriptive, Flex, and Sequential in addition to a range of instructional settings including summer school, flipped learning, online and blended, project-based, and more.

Services Include:

  • Instructional Services
  • Certified online teachers
  • Grading support
  • LiveTutor for student support
  • Program Management & Support
  • Prepare staff for the first day of class
  • Expert knowledge and help with the ConnexusEMS platform
  • Assistance with student data and progress reporting
  • Provide program performance data and improvement strategies
  • Professional Learning & Training
  • Startup training videos and tutorials
  • Onsite and virtual training session options
  • Access to the MySavvasTraining website
  • Ability to schedule interactive online professional learning

Pearson Connexus Support

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