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Built in partnership with educators, myWorld Interactive World Geography applies the latest research and technology to effectively engage students in social studies through civic involvement and literacy. Students will learn about their world while covering the core social studies standards. A highly flexible blend of print and digital materials maximizes student learning and classroom time.

myWorld Interactive World Geography is a research-based, student-centered instructional model with a four-part structure enhances teaching and learning. Students will interact with the content by Connecting, Investigating, Synthesizing, and Demonstrating their understanding. The instructional design balances direct instruction, small group interaction, hands-on practice, robust resources, and scaffolded reading support.

The myWorld Interactive World Geography program launches every topic with an inquiry strand, or Quest, that focuses on project-based learning, civic discussion, and document-based writing activities. Comprehensive lessons, paired with rich media assets, make social science relevant to today's California student. Students will develop the skills they need for college and careers and an understanding of the importance of becoming active participants in the civic process.

The myWorld Interactive World Geography utilizes a Student Edition Hardcover Text that includes all core content lesson, analysis skills lessons, numerous primary sources, and an English Languages Arts Handbook. The Active Journal is a Student consumable notebook, including support for completing the "Quest" close reading and note-taking support and vocabulary practice. Writing Workshop tasks are all aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and the Writing Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies 6-12. In addition to the print components, the digital course offers a variety of assets engaging today's digital native bringing social science content alive and making it relevant to today's middle school student.

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