Elevate Science © 2019 Middle Grades


Middle school is a time when teachers can be true advocates for science and STEM careers. The Elevate Science Middle Grades program puts exploration at the heart of science. Scientific inquiry encourages investigation, collaboration, and creativity. The blended print and digital curriculum applies scientific and engineering practices in problem-based scenarios. Students focus on analysis, critical thinking, and designing solutions as they explore real-world topics and everyday phenomena.

Elevate Science deepens students' conceptual understanding of science and prepares them for high school and beyond. It's available as an Integrated Middle School Science Curriculum or in domain specific Life, Earth, and Physical Science courses. Either sequence promises to elevate thinking, learning, and teaching by taking science to the next level.

Elevate Thinking with Phenomena-Based Inquiry

Elevate Science helps students build more sophisticated explanations of natural phenomena. Phenomena-based inquiry develops core ideas through problem solving and designing solutions.

Elevate Learning with Three-Dimensional Learning

Elevate Science integrates Scientific and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts (CCC), and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs). Three-dimensional learning deepens conceptual understanding, analysis of data, and argumentation.

Elevate Teaching with all the support you need

Elevate Science creates a framework for teaching new Science Standards. Scaffolding, ELD, digital tools, and an improved 5E lesson inquiry model provide all the support you need for strong teaching practices.

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