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What is digits?

It is a middle grades math program like no other — completely written from and to the Common Core State Standards. digits combines a comprehensive math curriculum, powerful best practices in teaching, and easy-to-use technology so you can deliver personalized instruction effectively and save valuable time. We realize that you need a variety of tools to accommodate all the learning styles in your classroom. Instead of providing you with a multitude of ancillaries to juggle, digits streamlines instruction through point-of-need resources that are intuitive for teachers, optimize effective time on task, and allow you to address the individual needs of every student — in and out of class.

Savvas developed digits in coordination with the release of the Common Core State Standards. Several digits authors and advisors including Francis (Skip) Fennell, Eric Milou, and Janie Schielack were involved in the review of the Common Core Standards and provided pivotal input to ensure digits' alignment. The design of digits' digital infrastructure allows teachers and districts to adapt to revisions of the Common Core Standards as they move towards implementation; unlike print-based programs, digits will be able to constantly roll out content updates. Moreover, digits will offer standardized test practice appropriate to each state's assessment system and is capable of re-aligning to changes in state assessments.

Students On the Go

MyMathUniverse.com/digits, an on-the-go student portal which allows students to:

  • Access math content based on their interests
  • View math videos, listen to math raps, play games and more
  • Stay current on digits program information, news and announcements (a useful resource for parents as well)
  • Log on to their digits content on SuccessNet Plus (or Realize) for homework, practice and assessments powered by MathXL for School, plus digital lesson content
  • Log on to their ACTIVe-books on mobile devices (and on any computing platform) — interactive enhanced Student Companion pages
  • Simplified access to Virtual Nerd

Teachers On the Go

MathDashboard.com/digits, an on-the-go teacher portal which allows teachers to:

  • Access product and technology support materials based on their needs (Quesions? channel, aka Community Connections or CoCo)
  • View training videos and downloads (mySavvasTraining channel)
  • Learn more about using digits and stay current on digits program information, news and announcements
  • Connect with other digits users (coming soon)
  • Log on to their digits planning, assessment and management resources on SuccessNet Plus
  • Log on to their digits Dash interactive teacher notes and classroom management tools
  • Access the online community of digits teachers, moderated by a master digits teacher (and powered by Teachability)

Quote from a digits author:

A great deal of discussion and analysis has been focused on the uneven performance of middle grade students in mathematics, particularly their readiness for and success with algebra. We believe that digits has the potential to truly transform math teaching and learning," said Dr. Francis "Skip" Fennell, a digits author and past President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). "Our goal was to create a learning experience that would not only appeal to, but truly engage middle grade students in doing mathematics. The program's use of flexible and customizable technology gives teachers the information and instructional resources they need to address individual needs. Teachers can now adjust elements within any lesson to meet a student's needs in real time.

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