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Career & Technical Education (CTE) Online Resources for Texas Educators

Pearson provides quality Career & Technical Education (CTE) curriculum solutions mapping to industry-recognized certificates that prepare Texas students for career and college success. We offer a variety of online solutions that increase retention, engage students, and facilitate classroom management.

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Savvas Realize/MassiveU

Savvas Realize™ is the online destination for the Savvas' CTE Texas Editions. MassiveU via the Savvas Realize platform provides premium content to help teachers enhance their instructional materials and engage students. To learn more, watch the CTE Texas Getting Started video.

What is Project-Based Learning via Savvas' CareerQuest (PBL)?

Savvas' CareerQuest — a 21st Century, project based social learning solution that personalizes career and technical education for students. It is where classroom learning is amplified by a set of digital experiences, and students learn about the world of work, play the role of a professional, and solve real-world challenges in a collaborative setting. Each experience is designed to support state adoption standards around a storyboard that includes Self-Discovery, Educational & Occupational Exploration and College & Career Planning, all supporting critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. To learn more, watch the CTE Texas Getting Started video.

PBL is available for the following eigth Texas courses:

  • Business Information Management I, 2016
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts
  • Principles of Arts, Audio-Video Technology-Communications
  • Principles of Applied Engineering
  • Principles of Health Science
  • Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Principles of Information Technology
  • Professional Communications

National CTE Titles

Your district may have purchased numerous CTE titles from Pearson that may not be the Texas editions. For National title information, which often include the MyLab or VitalSource platform, visit the CTE National pages on My Savvas Training.

NCCER Instructor Resource Center (IRC) & NCCERconnect

NCCER Instructor Resource Center gives instructors access to TestGen software, module exams, and Performance Profile Sheets. Additionally, many of our NCCER books feature lesson plans and comprehensive PowerPoints.

NCCERconnect is online training solution that prepares students to become craft professionals. In addition to providing an eBook of the textbook, NCCERconnect enhances student learning with a range of visual, auditory, and interactive elements. The easy-to-use interface allows instructors to deliver their course using pre-loaded content and essential course management tools.

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We also offer NCCERconnect online training. These intimate sessions provide opportunities for Q&A and collaboration. To participate, visit Savvas' Live Online Training Registration page.

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