Connections Learning

General (17 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Connexus, Curriculum, and Teacher Orientation
Updating Teacher Phone Numbers
Connexus Communication Tools
CL Partner Program Orientation Instructions- Caretakers and Students
Connexus Assessment Types
Connexus Icon Quick Reference Guide
LiveTutor Flyer EST
LiveTutor Flyer CST
Caretaker Daily Tasks
Using the Hyperlink Manager in Connexus
Grade Book Overview for Non-Teaching Roles (05:41)
Working Through a Lesson in Connexus: The Lesson Viewer (08:44)
Connexus WebMail Basics
Advanced WebMail Functions (05:00)
Using the Planner (05:22)
Create and Publish Progress Reports
Virtual Library Overview

Partner Teacher (15 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
CL Curriculum: CheckMyWork FAQ for Staff
CL Curriculum: CheckMyWork FAQ for Students
Partner Teacher Home Page Overview (03:51)
Explore a Course Activity
Escalation for Partner Teachers
How to Create Custom Events for a Section
Creating a Log Entry for a Single Student (04:54)
How to Grade Assessments
How to Reset Assessments
How to Drop Assessments
Dropping vs Resetting Assessments Activity
Section Grade Book Overview
How to Skip Lessons
Lesson Modifications and Accommodations
How to Run the Scheduler (05:08)

LiveLesson® Resources (32 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
LiveLesson Troubleshooting Hub
LiveLesson Sessions Upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.2
Student Access to LiveLesson® Sessions
Accessing Your LiveLesson Room
Managing Access and Entry
Managing the Preferences (10:15)
Managing the Layouts
Preventing Users from Changing Their Name
Using the Microphone
Managing the Pods
Sharing Your Screen and Documents in Adobe Connect (06:12)
Uploading and Sharing Files in LiveLesson Sessions
Using the Shared Content Folder
Using the Whiteboard and Annotations in Adobe Connect (04:20)
Understanding Roles and Managing Attendees in Adobe Connect (05:03)
Decoding the Icons in the Attendees Pod
Using the Chat Pod and Q&A Pod in Adobe Connect (09:23)
Using the Notes, Files, and Web Links Pods (03:51)
Using Your Webcam in Adobe Connect (03:36)
Creating and Managing Polls in Adobe Connect (08:19)
Reviewing Content From Breakout Rooms (05:05)
The Host and Presenter Area in Adobe Connect (05:47)
Recording and Editing LiveLesson Sessions
Sharing and Deleting Recordings
Setting Recordings to Private
Setting Recordings to Public
Host Access to Recordings
Saving Recordings Offline
Format LiveLesson Attendance for Logging
Host Access to Attendance Reports
Collecting Meeting Room Data
Saving Content Offline

Program Coordinator (2 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
CL Reports: How to Create and Publish Progress Reports
CL Enrollment: Enrollment and Course Placement Guide

Site Coordinator (2 items)

Title Tutorial Handout Detail
Guide for Connecting Non-Google Emails To a Google Account
CL Student Planner in Connexus (03:33)

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