WriteToLearn Offers Anytime, Anywhere Access

WriteToLearn is built on a flexible, easy-to-use, web-based system. Students can access WriteToLearn in the classroom and at home—anywhere with Internet access—on their laptop computers, desktop computers, and tablet devices. This includes most Windows and Apple computers and tablets with current operating systems, web browsers, and plug-ins.

What is WriteToLearn?

WriteToLearn is an online literacy tool designed to build writing skills, develop reading comprehension, and expand academic word knowledge for students in grades 4-12. This web-based writing evaluation tool provides students the opportunity to practice their writing across subject areas and receive immediate instructional feedback. The researched-based automated scoring assesses student work by evaluating the meaning of text—not just grammar and spelling—allowing students to continue through the write-edit-revise writing cycle.

With WriteToLearn, teachers can assign students more writing practice while reducing time spent on laborious editing and scoring. As a result, they can spend more time on lesson planning and focused, individualized instruction.

Effective Classroom Tool

WriteToLearn supports a variety of learning strategies to meet the goals of the class and individual students through adjustment of scoring parameters, to support tools such as translated instructions and feedback, text-to-speech, embedded picture/text dictionary, spot word translation and a highlighting tool to mark main and supporting ideas to aid in reading comprehension.

  • Access WriteToLearn anywhere with an internet connection—in the classroom, in a lab, or from home—on a computer or tablet device
  • Select from over 1,000 reading passages or more than 650 essay prompts or choose to create your own, linking to source documents, images, or videos
  • View student progress and scores instantly, provide comments, and adjust passing thresholds to meet classroom or individual academic goals
  • Address the needs of struggling readers, writers, and English Language Learners with built-in language tools
  • Have confidence in knowing WriteToLearn is an effective tool that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
    • Summary writing activities promote close reading of informational texts, aiding students in identifying main and supporting ideas
    • Intelligent hints emphasize important ideas students may have missed while reading
    • Personalized vocabulary exercises teach academic and domain-specific vocabulary to support reading development and content-area learning
    • Leveled essay feedback with examples offers suggestions for improvement
    • Guided essay writing tips help scaffold the writing process
    • Writing activities span subject areas

WriteToLearn is your solution for:

  • Whole class assessment
  • Formative assessment
  • Remediation
  • English Language Learners

Success Using WriteToLearn

  • Students using the summary writing component of WriteToLearn advanced a full grade level in their reading comprehension in as little as four weeks of use.
  • Using the essay writing component of WriteToLearn, students posted 11 percent to 90 percent gains in proficiency on state and district tests.

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