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Highly acclaimed and effectively used in Spanish classrooms around the world, REALIDADES develops the language proficiency, cultural understanding, and 21st century skills needed for success in today's global community.

  • Effective and articulated sequence of instruction through Spanish 4
  • Balanced approach that combines vocabulary, grammar, culture, and communication
  • Print, hands-on, and digital resources to personalize and differentiate learning
  • Thematic, critical-thinking approach to understanding culture
  • Integrated 21st Century Skills
  • Digital solutions for the classroom, the lab, at home, or mobile!
  • Upper Elementary/Middle School Spanish

REALIDADES A and B provide the same content per Tema as REALIDADES 1 with photographs, realia, and activities adapted for the younger learner. At the end of REALIDADES B, students are ready for a smooth transition into REALIDADES 2. If you are looking for an upper elementary Spanish program, REALIDADES A has been used effectively in classrooms starting at Grade 4.

High School Spanish

REALIDADES 1-4 gives teachers a wide range of tools and support to help all students develop Spanish proficiency and cultural understanding. The articulated sequence through Level 4 includes student-center themes, performance-based language tasks, differentiated resources, and engaging technology.

Your program content may look different from the content in these training materials.

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