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Biliteracy is an enrichment model that promotes bilingualism, English proficiency, and academic achievement for all students. Rather than provide instruction exclusively in Spanish, a biliteracy approach gives students a chance to develop literacy skills in both English and Spanish. The strategic linguistic resources in the Biliteracy Pathway, when used with ReadyGEN, support what the research shows—when students analyze similarities and differences in two languages, their skills can exceed those of monolingual children.

All language knowledge is an asset, not a deficit. Bilingual students acquire language differently than monolinguals, strategically using linguistic resources from both languages. The ReadyGEN Biliteracy Pathway provides a complete set of learning resources to help students develop literacy and linguistic skills in both languages.

A Performance-Based Assessment (PBA) appears at the end of each Biliteracy module in the same genre as in English (narrative, informative, or opinion). The Biliteracy PBA was designed to provide a meaningful comparison if students complete PBAs in both English and Spanish.

Authentic Spanish Texts The trade books for each grade were chosen according to a range of criteria, including:

  • Grade-level appropriateness and quality of the literature
  • Providing an appropriate mix of fiction and nonfiction
  • Providing a balance of male and female protagonists
  • Providing representation across Latino cultural group
  • Providing a mix of Performance-Based Assessments (narrative, informative/explanatory, opinion) in proportion to the English Performance-Based Assessments at a grade level

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