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ReadyGEN is an integrated and well-balanced approach to reading and writing instruction. Unlike a traditional core basal offering, ReadyGEN was intentionally designed to provide students and teachers with the tools necessary to meet the Common Core instructional shifts. Authentic, rigorous text sets build knowledge around unit themes that actively engage students, and a complete array of print and digital resources provides you with the daily support you need while offering the flexibility you desire.

Program Organization

ReadyGEN is organized around unit modules (six units in Grades K-2; four units in Grades 3-5). Unit themes emphasize the common characteristics of a unifying concept, and promote in-depth understanding through daily lessons in two modules. All texts are aligned to the complexity requirements outlined in the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that all students interact with appropriate grade-level texts.

ReadyUp! Intervention

ReadyUp! Intervention offers clear, scaffolded instruction for students who need additional support with critical print skill, vocabulary, reading, and writing competencies that will enable them to fully meet the challenges of college and careers.

  • Targeted foundational skills support provides a strong base for beginning and struggling readers and writers at the early elementary grades.
  • Vocabulary and comprehension lessons help students at all levels develop the necessary skills to succeed both in and out of school.
  • Multiple entry and exit points allow teachers to adjust the pacing and sequence of the lessons.
  • Checkpoint Assessments offer short, targeted evaluations after a series of similar lessons within a strand.

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