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Online Learning Exchange

What is Online Learning Exchange?

Online Learning Exchange™ (OLE) is a K-12, web- and mobile-ready learning environment of rich digital media, leveled by grade, grouped by topic, and aligned to state standards. Each OLE course comes with a variety of engaging resources to enhance your digital lessons, including videos, simulations, interactivities, quizzes, electronic worksheets, teacher background notes, and much more.

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Discover how Savvas' Online Learning Exchange (OLE) can improve teaching, learning, and collaboration.

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How to Teach with OLE

We've devised 5 Best Practices as a guide to help you use OLE to create authentic learning experiences that will reinforce the skills that your students need in order to be college and career ready.

Engage & Discover
Introduce a topic or lesson using engaging content you find in OLE. Easily project the content you find for full classroom instruction or guide students as they discover content in OLE on their own.

Make Connections
OLE's Class Discussion Boards are a great way to help students make connections to content and concepts by connecting with their peers inside and outside of the classroom.

Apply Understanding
Give students some freedom in choosing how they want to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. Whatever medium feels right to them can be easily attached to their assignments in OLE.

Share Knowledge
Encourage your students to share their work with their peers, parents, and experts. Giving students a chance to teach others about what they know not only contributes to the broader learning community but it reinforces key concepts in their own learning as well.

Use the OLE Class Discussion Board to track your students learning journey. At the end of a lesson ask students to reflect on where they've been, what they've learned, and how they plan to continue their learning journey.

What OLE Teachers are saying

"I absolutely love NBC Learn on OLE! The best feature is being able to manage all of my resources in one place. I can build assignments that incorporate my course content, NBC Learn videos, and my own personal lesson plans. I can also search for content by state standard which makes it so easy to find exactly what I need."

— Cynthia Harrison

"...[A] lot of the science videos that you can find out there can be 10 years old. These are more relevant to the kids because they're made by kids that are the same age, [use] music that they're used to listening to, and [catch] their attention. And at middle school level, if you lose their attention they're gone. You just can't get them back."

— High School Science Teacher

"...When you searched for something it gave you a list of multiple things to use. ...So I got really excited when I was like, 'Oh, I could show this video... and then there is an app, actually, and interactive activity that goes with it.' ...It's an all-in-one kind of package and I think that is what I am really excited about... It's just really easy to search and it's all there; it's not going to take a lot of time for me to go and find all these different things."

— Anna Johnson, 5th Grade Teacher

"I think OLE fits the future of technology in the classroom because it's a place to house many different resources. ...[B]eing able to sift through [resources] is almost a full-time job. ...OLE on the one hand has already done some of that for you....[T]here are also features where you can add to it yourself. So you can kind of bring all those and customize what you want to do in your classroom."

— Amy Withers, Elementary Teacher

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