myWorld Geography © 2011


myWorld Geography © 2011 incorporates the Understanding by Design™ approach to learning, developed by program consultant Grant Wiggins. Using the "backward design" process for developing long-term understanding, students will be able to explore concepts, build knowledge, and transfer ideas throughout their lessons and on to the next.

Features and Benefits

  • Core Concepts serve as a delivery tool for the skills students need to be successful in the ever changing 21st century marketplace.
  • Program truly used Understanding by Design (UbD) and Essential Questions written by Grant Wiggins (co-author of UbD).
  • Real-life stories (myStory) told by teen peers around the world.
  • Students experience world geography first-hand through virtual travel in the Online Travel Assignment.
  • Hands-on activities are embedded in the student materials and extended through the Activity Cards, EQ posters, & wall maps.
  • myWorld in Numbers helps students comprehend global statistics by simplifying them and connecting to experiences to which students can relate.
  • Taking ITGlobal Partnership projects allow students and teachers to collaborate with students from around the world.
  • 21st Century Learning Tutor is a course, bundled with the online myWorld Geography course, that uses digital media, including interactive web pages and videos, to teaches students 36 skills that will help them achieve success as learners, workers, and citizens during the 21st Century.

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