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Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills

What is Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills?

Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills is a complete online mastery-based resource designed to help assess, diagnose, and remediate students' knowledge of the reading, writing, and math required to successfully place within the credit-earning and development curriculum. The system offers a rich environment of pre-built or customized assessments, personalized learning plans, and highly interactive learning activities that enable students to master skills at their own pace.

Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills has a comprehensive diagnostic tool, called Path Builder, to help each student achieve personalized learning. Path Builder diagnostic tests are pre-built to align with common readiness or workplace standards, or they can be customized to fit specific goals.

Once students complete a Path Builder diagnostic test, they receive a personalized set of content modules, in a format called the Learning Path. Each content module in a student's Learning Path covers a general concept such as "Fractions" or "Sentences." Once inside a module, a student can take a shorter diagnostic test, called a Skills Check, which defines the exact smaller topics a student needs to understand in order to prove mastery for the module. These smaller topics, for example, might include "Multiplying Fractions" or "Identifying Verbs"—ideas related to the larger module concept.

The heart of Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills is the depth and range of its pre-built learning activities, each designed to help students gain confidence and proficiency in specific skills. Students can work in activities at their own pace and can leave and return to work at the exact location where they left off. There may be several activities to complete within a particular topic. Each activity is scored and tracked in a comprehensive gradebook, and students can review their submitted activities at any time. Once students complete all activities in a topic, they can show mastery by taking a topic posttest. Once a student completes all topics in a module, the student's Learning Path is updated to show the progress.

Ultimately, Pearson's MyLab Foundational Skills aids in student success and remediation, transition to college, workforce development, test prep, and other programs aimed at helping those students who struggle the most to gain the skills needed to stay in school and succeed.

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