Interactive Science © 2016 Grades K-5


Interactive Science © 2016 focuses on an implementation of Problem-Based Learning, STEM, Performance Expectation activities, and support for new standards while transitioning to a brand-new digital platform, Realize. These new additions to the K-5 program will help teachers adjust their curriculum to meet new standards, implement more hands-on labs that are called for by the new standards, and implement new STEM and Problem-Based Learning techniques that help address the Engineering and Design Practices while also helping address College and Career readiness.

Our transition to the Realize platform will provide classrooms with increased engagement in our digital assets, increased flexibility in terms of re-organizing chapters and uploading custom content, increased search functionality, and increased reporting of assessments that will help support our message of efficacy and accountability. This transition will also help provide greater access on various devices as we will no longer be using Flash-based assets.

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