Integrated High School Mathematics © 2014 Common Core


Savvas Integrated High School Mathematics 2014 fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, offers a hybrid instructional model that consists of digital delivery of content during instructional time, supplemented by a Write-In Student Edition in which students record their understandings of the concepts presented as they work through the problems. The in-class instruction can be further enhanced with the robust math tools and dynamic activities that are part of the digital courseware. The in-class learning is supported out of the classroom with both digital and print resources. Students have full access to the animated content presented in class. They also can easily access math tutor videos. In the Write-In Student Edition, students will find instructional summaries of key concepts in each lesson.

The Teacher's Guide is a comprehensive tool that teachers can use as they plan for and teach every phase of the 5-part lesson of the program. At the chapter level, teachers will find math background, tips for error prevention, and assignment guides to help them in planning. At the lesson level, teachers will find resources for instruction, practice, assessment, and remediation. To help with planning, there are teaching notes and probing questions to the left of images of each Solve It! and problem that teachers will be presenting from the digital courseware.

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