High School Mathematics © 2012 Common Core


Savvas Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Common Core Edition © 2015 is a rigorous, flexible, and data-driven high school math program designed to ensure high school students master the Common Core State Standards. The program's 5-step lesson design was built for the requirements of the Common Core, and independent research has proven the program's lesson design is effective for all learners. The program can be taught as an all-digital or blended print and digital curriculum.

New features for HSM15 include:

  • Common Core performance tasks infused throughout every chapter
  • Common Core Standard Practice and Review, Teacher's Guide and Common Core Standards Practice Review Student Test Prep workbook, ancillary resources designed to prepare students for upcoming next-generation assessments
  • A FREE Virtual Nerd Mobile Math smartphone application, which allows students to access Virtual Nerd tutorial videos from their smartphone and search by Common Core content standard
  • An updated Overview and Implementation Guide, which includes QR codes that link to author Professional Development videos at point-of-use
  • Online next-generation practice assessments accessible via the Savvas Realize platform

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