enVisionmath2.0 © 2017 Common Core Grades 6-8

enVisionmath2.0 now for Grades 6-8!

10 +1 important ways enVisionmath2.0 is a great fit for Grades 6-8!

  1. A focused scope and sequence - all content at every grade is organized by Major, Supporting, and Additional Clusters because this best promotes connections necessary for understanding.
  2. An interactive format supports students in documenting their thoughts in both a digital (eText) and a print workspace (consumable Student's Edition).
  3. Visual Learning Animation Plus includes interactivities to build understanding through classroom conversations and increase student engagement, and Virtual Nerd Tutorial Videos continue that support during homework. Anywhere, anytime access to each through BouncePages on your mobile device!
  4. Problem-based learning, Solve & Discuss It! is the 1st step of every lesson at all grades (print and digital) with strong teaching support to ensure effective implementation. Problem-based Explore It! and an Explain It! activities, at least once per Topic, focus on mathematical modeling and communication.
  5. Practice & Problem Solving built right into the Student's Edition promotes computational thinking, fluency, and applications through rich problem solving.
  6. Interactive Homework powered by MathXL for School, personalizes a student's practice and homework experience; ensures they are not practicing a skill or concept incorrectly; and provides teachers with instant, data-driven information on what students do and do not understand.
  7. Teacher-driven personalized differentiation through multiple modalities - Math Tools, Math Games, STEM Activities, Mathematical Literacy and Additional Vocabulary activities, Today's Challenge and Enrichment Activities all promote reasoning and application.
  8. System-driven differentiation through an adaptive study plan, auto-assigned special intervention lessons, and online practice ensures meeting individual student's needs.
  9. Plenty of opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding in all assessment modalities and print in the form of the next generation assessments.
  10. SavvasRealize.com offers greater flexibility in navigation, assigning resources, searching, customizing, planning, assessing, and analyzing data.
  • +1. A STEM Project and a 3-Act Mathematical Modeling lesson in every topic help prepare students for the challenges of high school math. And, EVERY learner benefits from strong mathematical literacy support in every lesson.

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