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enVisionMATH Common Core, Realize Edition demonstrates the careful development of deep understanding that is a hallmark of enVisionMATH. Deep understanding empowers your learners to achieve the level of rigor required by the Common Core State Standards.

Have confidence that enVisionMATH Common Core, Realize Edition is fully aligned to the Common Core. Lessons have been aligned and developed to support the Common Core Standards at a depth that competitors do not match.

The ease of navigating the new Realize platform will let you spend more time actually teaching math because you'll have all your resources at your fingertips. Data is easier use and progress easier to track than ever on the Realize platform allowing you to make informed decisions to ensure your students success. is your online destination for Common Core curriculum, flexible management tools, and embedded assessments. It gives you anywhere, anytime access to all instruction, resources, data, and professional development-delivered instantly and easily at point of use.

Features Include:

  • Realize platform that puts resources at your fingertips and makes planning, classroom management, and progress monitoring easy!
  • New TOCs that support the Common Core even more fully! (And a Grade 6 program that follows the organization and structure of Grades K-5.)
  • Listen and Look For Videos for EVERY lesson at EVERY grade!
  • Additional Visual Learning Animations to match every lesson!
  • Game Center with fun games at every grade level that truly develop math understanding!
  • Full mobile access on any device!

Please note that your program content may look different from the content in these training materials due to our rebrand to Savvas Learning Company.

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