enVisionMATH California


The program is organized by the same domains that exist in the California CCSSM. It includes lessons that specifically address California standards.The program provides in-depth coverage of the California CCSSM with a streamlined collection of topics at each grade level.

enVisionMATH California Common Core uses Big Ideas that extend across grade levels to reflect the coherence in the California CCSSM. These Big Ideas connect Essential Understandings from many different lessons. Lessons in enVisionMATH California Common Core build on a foundation of problem solving. Students develop conceptual understanding and computational fluency through daily work on rich problems.

Students continue to build conceptual understanding through purposeful illustrations. The Visual Learning Bridge connects the PBIL activity with the lesson exercises. It gives students a way to focus on the key concept of a lesson. They practice making connections between various parts of the concept.

Components for enVisionMATH California Common Core are available in print or digital format.

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