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enVisionMATH © 2012 Common Core


enVisionMATH Common Core teaches all of the Standards for Mathematical Content within a powerful concept-development skeleton grounded on big ideas of mathematics and related essential understandings; and by communicating daily to teachers both the Standards for Mathematical Content and Standards for Mathematical Practice that need to be developed with students and the conceptual underpinnings that need to be understood.

enVisionMATH Common Core provides significantly better conceptual development by making problem-based interactive learning a core part of instruction every day and connecting interactive learning with visual learning.

The enVisionMATH Common Core Student Edition is a better resource for students, teachers, and parents because content is presented in more visual ways. The page layouts are clean, open, predictable, and easy-to-use. All art is functional, not just decorative. The art promotes understanding or provides needed data for problems. The visual models are consistent and, whenever possible, the visual and physical models remain the same across lessons to make teaching and learning easier.

The enVisionMATH Common Core Teacher's Edition provides an instructional plan for each lesson that reflects what highly effective teachers do in the classroom. The Teacher's Edition is visually appealing. It is easy to connect information (e.g., questions) to its point of use in the text. Teaching is grounded on rich questions and classroom conversations.

Assessment is an integral part of instruction, not an interruption. Both skills and understanding are assessed on a daily basis. Daily formative assessment is provided and connects to information for interpreting results (diagnosis) and intervention tasks.

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