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Daily Problem-Based Interactive Math Learning followed by Visual Learning strategies deepen conceptual understanding by making meaningful connections for students and delivering strong, sequential visual/verbal connections through the Visual Learning Bridge in every lesson. Ongoing Diagnosis & Intervention and daily Data-Driven Differentiation ensure that enVisionMATH gives every student the opportunity to succeed.

  • Deeper Conceptual Understanding - enVisionMATH begins every lesson with something more meaningful than mere interactive learning, problem based interactive learning. Problem based interactive learning consists of real world problems that elicit thinking, reasoning, and communication. These activities help students develop understanding through the process of solving important math concepts and skills embedded in the interactive learning. Problem based interactive learning activities introduce each lesson concept throughout the program.
  • Visual Problem Solving - enVisionMATH provides students with the visual tools they need to both understand and solve word problems, through Bar Diagrams. Research shows that the bar model is a very effective tool for Singapore students. Our authors have developed the next generation of bar diagrams so that they are integrated throughout the program, grow from grade level to grade level, and help students both understand the problem and solve the problem. With enVisionMATH, conceptual understanding and problem solving are interdependent and connected.
  • Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction - Differentiated instruction is integral to the enVisionMATH program. This program gives all students access to the same content but allows for leveled instruction based on how much support different students need. There are multiple points throughout the program to assess students' ability and track progress with data and provide intervention and reteaching or challenge based on students' actual knowledge rather than just a hunch. We know that students' understanding varies and that their learning needs may change from topic to topic. enVisionMATH ensures that teachers don't have to resort to guessing when assigning activities; students' own understanding is what determines their appropriate level.

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