enVision Mathematics © 2021 Grades 6-8

Explore (MSDA) Math Screen & Diagnostic Assessments AND enVision® Mathematics Grades 6-8 © 2021 (02:00)

Last Updated: 09/06/2022

Ready to kick off your instruction with enVision Mathematics and Savvas Math Screener & Diagnostic Assessments (MSDA)? Prepare for day one and beyond. As you navigate this multi-part course, you will: discover how to administer the Universal Screener and Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic assessments; learn where to access actionable data and instructional recommendations; dig in to the data and instructional resources that you can use all year to accelerate student growth; dive in to print components and digital resources on Savvas Realize™; learn the key elements of the enVision Mathematics topic and lesson structure through planning a lesson; and explore innovative ways to strengthen your instruction and increase student engagement through classroom observations and program components.

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