enVision Mathematics © 2021 Grades 6-8 Common Core

enVision Mathematics Grades 6-8 Common Core

It's like nothing you've ever seen.

It's problem-based learning plus visual learning. It's digital, print, and differentiated learning. All-new enVision® Mathematics for Grades 6-8 makes math relevant to students, helping them see how it works for them in their everyday lives. The program is part of the highly popular K-12 enVision series.

Kids see and experience mathematics with exclusive visual models, animations, 3-act tasks, Desmos graphing, and student-centered projects.

Take your pick! Add student choice.
Pick a Project lets students select a topic or activity that interests them. It's motivating because THEY choose!

Varied Contexts - What interests students. Varied Modalities - How students like to work. Varied Final Products - What students like to create

3-Act tasks for thinking mathematically.
1-2-3! 3-Act Math requires mathematical modeling. Students must identify the problem, make estimates, and find variables to solve real-world situations.

Desmos on demand!
It's used in a wide number of state assessments. Now it's embedded with enVision online content. Students can access anytime to graph functions, plot data, or explore equations.

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