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enVision Oklahoma


enVision Oklahoma is a comprehensive, K-12 mathematics program designed to support the progression of content reflected in the Oklahoma Standards for Mathematics so that students are well-prepared to move through the curriculum and beyond. enVision Oklahoma helps you engage students, personalize learning, and make data-driven decisions. Fully powered to support print, blended, and digital learning experiences.

Deep conceptual understanding is priority #1. Lessons promote math understanding through problem solving. Visual modeling scaffolds new math concepts.

  • Focuses on OK Standards for Mathematics
  • Teach FOR and THROUGH problem solving to develop in-depth understanding
  • Connects mathematical content and practice standards
  • Balanced pedagogy addresses conceptual understanding, skill and application equally

Personalized and adaptive learning for all students. Online interactives, math tutorials, adaptive learning, and differentiation support every learner.

  • Individual study plans to help every learner make progress
  • Adaptive learning practice powered by Knewton
  • Personalized practice with immediate feedback, interactive learning aids and tutorials
  • Built-in RtI activities and supports

All support and resources on one single, flexible platform, Savvas Realize. Leverage the powerful technology to make every lesson and assignment perfect for you.

  • Upload district content or your own content
  • Completely customize the program at every level
  • Assess in the format of high-stakes tests, or build your own
  • Search by mathematical standards or keyword for targeted instruction

Your program content may look different from the content in these training materials.

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