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enVision A|G|A is an Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 program built from the ground up. The program is designed to provide the ultimate flexibility to meet schools and districts needs for today and in the future. The groundbreaking digital experience engages students with anytime—online and offline—access to interactive instructional content including embedded interactives powered by Desmos. The program empowers teachers by providing the confidence of a coherent scope and sequence with the flexibility to customize the program at every level.

Personalized by Design

  • Embedded interactives powered by Desmos with LEARN DESMOS: CALCULATOR & LEARN DESMOS: GEOMETRY
  • Mathematical modeling in 3 Acts makes math real
  • Individual study plans to help every learner make progress
  • Adaptive learning practice powered by Knewton
  • MathXL for School learning aids and tutorials

Learning for What's Next

  • Teach FOR and THROUGH problem solving
  • Balanced pedagogy addresses conceptual understanding, skill and application equally
  • Lesson examples and exercise sets build fluency and develop patient problem solvers
  • Virtual Nerd Tutorial Videos for every lesson
  • Next-gen practice items and performance tasks

Harness the Possibilities

  • Completely customize the program at every level
  • Easily differentiate instruction with a wealth of customizable print and digital resources.
  • Comprehensive suite of ready-to-use assessments—or build your own test
  • Search by mathematical standards or keyword for targeted instruction

Learn more about the 5 Critical Components For Mathematical Proficiency.

For more ordering information, please visit:  www.pearsonschool.com/enVisionAGA

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