Elevate Science Florida Grades K-5


Elevate Science for Florida is a complete K-5 science program that elevates thinking, learning, and teaching! The blended print and digital curriculum covers all Next Generation Sunshine State Standards at every grade level. Exploration is the heart of science. The Quest problem-based activity is an exploration that anchors each topic. Students "figure out" the problem's solution as they navigate the topic's lessons. It's real science with engaging and often local phenomena. Students apply their knowledge and skills to master the new science standards.

Elevate Science takes science to a whole new level. It lets students take ownership of their learning, exploring science in the world around them, investigating how things work, thinking critically and solving problems! Elevate Science helps a student think like a scientist so they are ready for a world of discoveries.

The curriculum develops strong reasoning skills and critical thinking strategies, as students engage in explorations, formulate claims, and use data for evidence-based arguments.

Using Savvas Realize, teacher will have a single sign-on where they can access a fully customizable digital curriculum including thousands of vetted resources with Google and OpenEd.

Taking Science to a whole new level, Elevate Science elevates Thinking, Learning, and Teaching!

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