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Savvas is excited to announce its NEW Economics program! Helping students build an essential, life-long understanding of core economics principles, Savvas' Economics program features motivating, hands-on activities, interactive graphics, animations, and videos to help build relevant economic literacy. The program bridges time-tested best practices, curriculum standard expectations, and technology to help prepare students to be college and career ready. The program is available in print, digital, and blended options.

Savvas' Economics program uses a research-tested, four-part learning model to enhance teaching and understanding.

  1. Connect. Students make learning personal as they connect to content through a story and activate their prior knowledge, personal experiences, and perspectives.
  2. Investigate. Students actively learn, investigate, and acquire key content knowledge through a variety of print and digital components.
  3. Synthesize. Students extend their understanding by applying what they just learned in a quick recap and "pull-it-all-together" exercise before they move on to the next lesson.
  4. Demonstrate. Students demonstrate their understanding through a variety of authentic, formative, and summative assessments.

The program includes these exciting features:

  • Higher-level content to allow students to access complex text, acquire core content knowledge, and tackle rigorous questions
  • Inquiry-focused Projects, Civic Discussions, and Document Analysis activities that develop content and skills mastery in preparation for real-world challenges
  • Digital content on the Savvas Realize platform that is dynamic and flexible, and that uses the power of technology to bring social studies to life
  • Essential questions and stories to increase long-term understanding and retention of learning

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