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Savvas is proud to partner with Pearson to offer the best in career and technical education products and instructional tools. Many of our titles are developed by leading experts in their fields and help prepare students to earn industry certifications. We offer a variety of online solutions that enable instructors to personalize the learning experience and engage and improve student results.

Pearson MyLab®

Pearson MyLab® is a flexible, easy-to-use online resource that provides assessments and personalizes course content to address students' individual learning needs. MyLab engages students with interactive media, video presentations, simulations, activities, and animations. The robust platform enables instructors to manage, customize, and deliver their course using today's leading technology.

MyLab is available for several programs, including Learning Microsoft® Office 365: 2019 Edition. MyLab Learning Microsoft Office® is a media-enhanced eText which includes:

  • Video tutorials, embedded data files, assessments, pop-up glossary terms, and more.
  • For students working towards Microsoft® Office Specialist (MOS) certification, step-by-step projects provide the opportunity to master MOS Core objectives.

For instructors, MyLab features include:

  • A Teacher's Wraparound Edition eText, self-grading assessments, classroom reports, solution files, customization tools, and more!
  • MyLab Grader Projects - challenging projects that can be automatically graded, saving instructors hours of time.

MyLab® is available for a variety of disciplines, including:

  • MyLab Accounting
  • MyLab Automotive
  • MyLab Culinary
  • MyLab Finance
  • MyLab Health Professions
  • MyLab Hospitality
  • MyLab Intro to Business
  • MyLab Learning Microsoft Office 365: 2019 Edition
  • MyLab Marketing
  • MyLab Medical Terminology
  • MyLab Programming

Visit the On-Demand Training tab for specific MyLab® resources and recently added materials.

Pearson MyLab® Brady

Brady Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science texts, along with MyLab Brady, offer educators quality, relevant, and industry-current instructional resources to prepare students for careers in the fields of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), and Fire Science. The MyLab Brady digital platform blends the course-specific content with an interactive learning environment that engages student learning while completing readings and assessments, making decisions for real-world scenarios, and watching real-life videos. Learn more about MyLab® Brady.

NCCER Instructor Resource Center (IRC) & NCCERconnect

The NCCER Instructor Resource Center gives instructors access to TestGen software, module exams, and Performance Profile Sheets. Additionally, many of our newer books feature lesson plans and comprehensive PowerPoints.

NCCERconnect is a robust online training solution that prepares students for work as craft professionals. In conjunction with a rich and engaging eText, NCCERconnect supports student learning with a variety of visual, auditory, and interactive elements. The easy-to-use interface allows instructors to deliver their course using preloaded content and essential course management and instructor time-saving tools. Learn more about NCCERconnect.

Visit the On Demand Training tab for specific MyLab® resources and recently added materials.

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