Auténtico © 2018


Auténtico © 2018 is a comprehensive Spanish language curriculum for middle grades and high school. It immerses students in authentic Spanish language and cultural experiences through text, video, audio, and online learning. Frequent exposure to authentic resources increases engagement, improves reading proficiency, and gives students the confidence to take learning beyond the classroom. Auténtico meets ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, providing a powerful link between communication and culture.

Be Engaged: Authentic & Digital
Engage students with authentic texts, videos, audio, games, and digital learning. It's more than a textbook! Auténtico is an immersive experience that takes your classroom to Spain and Latin America.

  • Digitally enhanced learning experiences
  • Teacher-led, student-centered instruction
  • Tasks for self-directed, self-monitored learners
  • Support for diverse student populations

Be Connected: Communication & Cultures
Connect students to the Spanish-speaking world. Students view, read, and listen to authentic materials created by and for native Spanish speakers. They develop skills to use Spanish in the real world.

  • Authentic content and real-world tasks
  • Authentic resources at point of use
  • Diverse cultural perspectives
  • Standards-based content and assessments

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