America: History of Our Nation © 2014


America: History of Our Nation © 2014 incorporates the Understanding by Design approach to learning, developed by program consultant Grant Wiggins. Using the "backward design" process for developing long-term understanding, students will be able to explore concepts, build knowledge, and transfer ideas throughout their lessons an on to the next. America: History of our Nation is a middle grade American history program—available in Survey, Beginning Through 1877, Beginning Through 1914, and Civil War to the Present editions.

Features Include:

  • Essential Questions help students to identify the "big ideas" of each unit, chapter, and section.
  • Research-based reading instruction embedded into the student edition, and supported in the teacher edition, teaching resources, and Interactive Reading and Note taking Study Guide.
  • Differentiated instruction encourages universal access through specific strategies for modifying instruction in the teachers edition and targeted resources in the teacher resources and ancillaries.
  • In the News is a highly visual front matter addition providing a snapshot of significant events, such as the 2012 national elections and events in the Middle East, that have the potential to shape the national and international landscapes.
  • PBS Videos deliver rich media experiences that engage students in exploring curricular concepts and is aligned to the needs of today's teachers and learners. These videos are streaming and downloadable on the SuccessNet course.

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