Abriendo paso © 2014


Abriendo paso © 2014 is a highly respected two-volume program specifically designed to address the needs of high school students in upper-level study including those preparing for the Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture Examination. It could also be used with any upper level Spanish class, generally at Level 5 and above.

Abriendo paso is ready to prepare your students for the new exam and Temas y lecturas © 2014 is the ideal core textbook for your class! The Table of Contents is 100% aligned with the Themes, Essential Questions, and Recommended Contexts in the Curriculum Framework. Each chapter is developed around authentic reading selections supported by outstanding pre- and post-reading activities. At the end of each chapter, students build skills in the modes of communication through creative and engaging tasks. In addition, the end of the book provides focused test practive organized around the six themes. Gramatica © 2014 provides a thorough review of Spanish grammar and offers a balance between communicative usage and core practice.

Key Features:

  1. Updated to reflect the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam, first being implemented in May 2014.
  2. Written by Jose Diaz, a highly regarded expert in teaching the AP course
  3. Temas y lecturas organized around the Themes, Essential Questions, Recommended Contexts, and the Learning Objectives of the AP Exam.
  4. Digital Courseware on SuccessNet Plus with eTexts, auto-graded activities, teacher-graded writing and speaking tasks, assessments, and the management, instruction, assessment, and customization tools on SuccessNet Plus.

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