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AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination (Fourth Edition) is designed for students at the upper levels of Spanish and specifically for those students who wish to take the Advanced Placement Language and Culture Examination in Spanish. It is also a fine complement for any advanced course in Spanish. With this edition, you can choose between print, digital, or a combination of both!

Each unit in this new edition focuses on themes, language skills and testing formats utilized in the Advanced Placement Examination. The exercises have been designed not only to review and reinforce students' knowledge, but also to sharpen all language skills. Students become familiar with the actual directions from the test as well as the different types of exercises that appear in it. Care has been given to provide sufficient practice so that when students take the test, they can do it with ease and confidence.

Key Features:

  1. Complete preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Examination.
  2. Complete coverage of the six themes.
  3. Extensive practice in the format of the new exam.
  4. Written by Jose Diaz.
  5. Resource in print and online.
  6. Digital Courseware that saves teacher time and provides students with access to all the resources they need to be successful on the exam anytime and anywhere they can link to the Internet.

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