Savvas LMS Integration

Savvas LMS Integration

Simplify teaching and learning by delivering Savvas content through your Learning Management System (LMS). Savvas Realize integrates with LTI compliant LMSs such as Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, ItsLearning, Moodle and more.

Savvas LMS Integration Features

Customize course content

In your LMS, create your own unique learning path for your students by picking and choosing the Savvas content you want and in the order you want. You can even share your course content with other teachers; Savvas supports the copying of assignments across courses.

Simplify learning

By integrating Savvas with your LMS, students are ready to learn on day one. With their LMS login, students can access and complete Savvas assignments right in the LMS course.

Synchronize Grades

Savvas automatically syncs student grades with the LMS gradebook and scales the grade value to the max points you set for the assignment in the LMS.

Supported Learning Management Systems

Savvas is committed to open standards and we integrate with an LTI compliant LMS. We support both the latest integration standard, LTI 1.3 with LTI-Advantage, as well as LTI 1.1 with Thin Common Cartridge (TCC).

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