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Savvas LMS Integration

What is Savvas LMS Integration?

Savvas LMS (Learning Management System) integration solution empowers school district choice by seamlessly connecting the power of Realize with Canvas. Teachers can search and add Realize content to a course in Canvas using the Savvas Discovery Tool. Auto-scored grades in Realize are automatically passed back to the Canvas Gradebook.

Savvas LMS Integration Features

  • Seamless Sign On - With seamless sign-on, teachers and students can launch Realize without multiple logins
  • Deep Link Customized Content - Teachers can easily search and add Realize content/assignments to a course in Canvas
  • Automatically Sync Grades - Student grades that are auto scored are synced with the Canvas gradebook.
  • Realize Reader Access in LMS - Students will have full Realize Reader functionality inside of Canvas.

Supported Learning Management Systems

Currently we support LTI 1.3 integration with Canvas with a firm roadmap to add additional IMS certified Learning Management Systems.

User Guides and Help Documents

Review our help resources to learn more about how to use Savvas LMS Integration.

Please note that your program content may look different from the content in these training materials due to our rebrand to Savvas Learning Company.

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