Is success easy? Does everybody always get it? Do we all learn in the same way? At the same pace?

SuccessMaker is the only continuously adaptive K-8 reading and math intervention program with over 50 years of proven results. Through adaptive motion, the program personalizes learning paths for mastery of essential reading and math concepts and delivers outcome-based data to inform educational decision-making. SuccessMaker turns struggle into success.

One-on-One Instruction

With a strong focus on the most critical math and reading concepts, individualized learning for every student becomes a reality with SuccessMaker.

Real Engagement

The program is highly interactive, addressing multiple learning modalities and making students active participants in their learning. The game-like formats of many activities are challenging and motivating so learners stay engaged.

Serious Fun

Students from kindergarten through grade eight LOVE using the program and, most importantly, can't wait to learn more.

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Connecting to Core

We know that aligning SuccessMaker adaptive intervention to your core program seamlessly will improve achievement for all learners.

SuccessMaker is the only adaptive intervention program that directly aligns students' learning trajectories to the scope and sequence of many core programs. This gives your struggling math learners unparalleled opportunities to achieve success and build confidence with core learning concepts and skills. No other adaptive intervention program offers you this level of support. For five decades, SuccessMaker has helped millions of students, and meets ESSA's "STRONG" evidence criteria. Find out how you can easily integrate it into your classroom by creating custom courses today.

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