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Jump Right In

Jump right in and start learning the overall features, functions, and tools available in miVisión Lectura. Don't worry. We'll be here as you progress along your learning journey.


  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  06:00

The Big Picture

Welcome to miVisión Lectura! Watch this tutorial to help you see the big picture. You’ll learn about the instructional model so you can prepare your classroom and see how the program will support your students.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  06:00

Teaching Reading Workshop

Everything you need to help your students become better readers. Learn how to set up your Reading Workshop and take a closer look at the minilessons.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  04:00

Teaching Writing Workshop

Everything you need to help your students become better writers. Learn how to set up your Writing Workshop and build meaningful mentor stacks.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  05:30

Teaching the Bridge Minilessons

Help your students build that bridge between reading and writing. Watch this tutorial to learn more about the Reading-Writing Bridge.


Instructional Model

This handy guide is sure to spark joy in you. Knowing miVisión Lectura is knowing the instructional model. Use this resource as you learn how the program is organized.

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