Already using Realize for blended learning?

If you're using Realize in your classroom, then you're one step ahead of the game. We've pulled together some best practices, and the resources you might need to implement them, to help with your transition from blended learning to virtual teaching and learning.

Click on any of the best practices below to see the Realize tools available to support implementation.

Ensure Access

Students can't learn content that they can’t access. Access starts with ensuring that students know their usernames and passwords and getting parents on board.


Communicate with your Students

Students who receive prompt, meaningful feedback and engage in virtual discussions remain engaged and are able to continue their academic growth outside the school building.


Create Easy-to-Follow Learning Paths

Empower students to own their virtual learning by eliminating confusion with clearly organized and well-structured lessons.


Differentiate Instruction

Leverage your knowledge of student mastery and interests to ensure an engaging learning experience by meeting students where they are.


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