Teaching Challenging Texts, with Jocelyn Chadwick

Join Jocelyn Chadwick as she discusses:

  • authentic, content-rich texts that involve diverse voices,
  • open-ended questions that invite individual and collective student voices, and
  • student-centered discussion routines with meaningful teacher moves

Talking About Texts

What does a classroom characterized by student-centered talk/discussion look and sound like?

Facilitating Challenging Conversations

What are challenging discussions about texts, topics, perspectives, inquiries, and class comments?

The Cay

This award-winning novel remains a powerful classic of prejudice, love, and survival.

Establishing a Welcoming and Affirming Environment

What teacher moves make the most difference?

Fostering Community Connections

How can teachers navigate the parent and community conversations about challenging or banned text?


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Reading Diverse and Challenging Books

As ELA teachers, why must we be ever mindful of a "singular narrative" in our classrooms?

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Learn why this book is considered by some to be one of the most controversial texts in American history.

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